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Keith Keller

Know Us

We began our journey in the realm of interior design & fit-out field with a modest start from a joinery start-up in 2004, from where we built our passion for aesthetic and functional spaces. Over the years our steadfast dedication to craftsmanship led us to establishing an LLC company in the bustling city of Dubai. Throughout our journey, we never compromised on our ability to deliver exceptional design/fit-out solutions that not only earned us a reputation in the industry but also guided us to set new benchmarks to achieve better quality & improvements in our workmanship. We provide a range of services, from conceptualisation to project completion, to integrate our clients’ diverse interior preferences and requirements. 

 We are routinely involved in the planning, designing and execution of residential, commercial and industrial spaces where we transforming interior environment of open spaces to enhance their functionalities, aesthetics, and overall spatial looks. The followings are the key stages that we embark on to deliver our projects

By offering comprehensive design and execution services, we aims to meet the unique requirements and preferences of clients while ensuring the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. We ensure to play vital role in creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable interior spaces for our valued clients.

Meet Our Team


Aldren P

Architect/Associate Engineer

Team Head

Muhammd Bilal

Site Inchage

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Zohaib Ahmed

Chief Electrician

MEP Engineer

Harsha D.

MEP Associate Engineer

Logistics Incharge

Muhammad Assad

Logistics Incharge