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Maintenance Solutions For A Better Living

WELLMADE maintenance company Dubai offers a comprehensive portfolio of commercial and home maintenance services. We offer a full repair, maintenance, renovation, and management services for your home, office, and company. With a reputation for quality, reliability, and value for money, we work hard to keep our clients satisfied. Annual maintenance contracts and improvement services are also available, and the final result is worth it- guaranteed with 24/7 excellent customer service!

Our maintenance firm provides high-quality commercial and home maintenance packages for you. With our skilled and certified team and the best quality equipment, we know what it takes to bring your home or workplace up to code and maintain it there. Allow us to look after your building so you can enjoy a comfortable life.

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Reliable Commercial and Home Maintenance Services

Being one of the best maintenance companies in Dubai, WELLMADE is your one-stop shop for commercial and home maintenance services. We are familiar with all aspects of building maintenance. When you work with WELLMADE, you will be working with a team of experts who are leaders in their fields and have the capacity to do the task on time, within budget, according to the needs of the client, institution, or project, and to a high quality.


Handyman Services

Any building can suffer damage over time, and it is important to address issues as soon as possible. Without proper maintenance, you are at risk of high costs and safety issues in the future. Whenever your need of handyman jobs arises, you name it, and we’ll do it!


Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems can be dangerous and inconvenient, putting your employees and customers at risk. Whatever the plumbing issue, our certified and experienced plumbers will handle it properly and quickly.


Electrical Maintenance

WELLMADE’S certified and experienced electricians can handle it all, from simple electrical repairs and fixtures to the creation of customized preventative maintenance programs for your home or workplace


Water Tank Cleaning Services

WELLMADE offers the most reliable and trusted solution for any AC repair issues. Our services include air conditioning repair, installation, HVAC installation, and HVAC repair. Our in-house qualified and experienced team is ready to save you from the heat.


Pest Control Services

When you choose WELLMADE for water tank cleaning in Dubai, you can rest assured that we will uphold the high standards required to provide you and your family with clean and safe water.


AC Maintenace Services

WELLMADE provides the most prominent vexation control services, and you can rely on us. We offer skilled residential and commercial pest control services, as well as chemical treatment services when required.

Reasons To Choose Us

As the top commercial and home maintenance company in Dubai, WELLMADE offers a wide range of services such as construction, renovation, maintenance, and repair. Choose us because we are:


Our handymen are knowledgeable, well-trained, and courteous. They are experts in their fields and have plenty of experience in dealing with all kinds of commercial and home maintenance services.


Our handymen are punctual and time-oriented. They use the latest equipment and vehicles to avoid delays and arrive on time.


We provide our team with the best tools and make sure they are well-dressed. This minimizes delays and ensures that the work is completed on time and according to the needs of the client.


We have the capability to do both small and large jobs-from fixing something as small as a shower to renovating and constructing a house. You can always count on us to do the job for you.


We charge reasonable rates that are extremely competitive when compared to contractors or freelance technicians. Clients are also provided invoices professionally and they do not have to worry about over-pricing.


We provide after-sales support for our services and conduct frequent client feedback calls. If you are not satisfied with the work, we will redo it until you are completely satisfied.

"The team of WELLMADE is polite, competent, and flexible, and they genuinely care about their clients. I will always recommend WELLMADE to friends and acquaintances because I know they will be as pleased with their amazing products and services as I am. Hire WELLMADE and you will fall in love with them as much as we do!"

John Doe

"I appreciate that the team arrived on time and completed the work within the time that was agreed upon. They are really thorough and constantly ask if there is anything else they can do to fix any issues that may have been missed. Five stars to them!"

Jessica Monroe

"WELLMADE'S team did an excellent job today. They performed their jobs with courtesy and professionalism. They paid special care to my mother's bedroom and kitchen. Thank you for your service, your care and regard for my mother, and your overall professionalism in carrying out your duties."

Thomas Alfred Designation

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