Outstanding Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design & Fit-outs Ideas For Your Home!

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Outstanding Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design & Fit-outs Ideas For Your Home!

It’s effortless to mistake an eclectic bedroom design for an inability to commit to one style, but when completed well, an eclectic space can feel cohesive. While the aesthetic affects mixing styles, colors, and patterns, it’s noteworthy to ensure that at least one element ties your bedroom together. Whether it’s a neutral wall, a central art piece, or a bold color incorporated throughout the room, this style is immaculate for those who adore experimenting with maximalist décor. Creating an eclectic room allows you to show off your qualities and get innovative.

This look may be achieved with as little effort as playing with loud colors, pairing a bold bedspread with mismatched throw pillows, or combining various styles to suit your individual taste. There are a few various methods to approach eclectic design to begin started, even if this novel decorating technique doesn’t have many guidelines.

Ahead, get uplifted by eclectic bedroom interior design & fit-outs ideas from the best interior designers who have mastered the art of fetching personality to each space.

Curated Use of Color

An essential part of creating a beautiful contemporary eclectic bedroom is the way in which you use paint in the space. You do not want to shy away from bold hues altogether as that would lead to a mundane, contemporary space. Yet, you do not want to overload the bedroom with too many colors; specifically, if it is a small room. 

Shades of blue and green are always in trend in the eclectic bedroom interior design & fit-outs ideas, you might want to try out shades like teal and olive green along with the many pastels, and muted shades of green. Stick to two or three major colors and you can present tiny pops of other bright hues using wall art, decorative pieces, and accents that can be effortlessly switched out.

Hang Creative Artwork

Nothing turns a traditional bedroom into an attractive and striking eclectic space faster than a bold piece of artwork. A colorful pop art piece combined with traditional or modern furnishings can completely revamp a space. 

You can hang a wall art of your favorite cartoon or Netflix character if you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you can add an animated picture of Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Chandler or if you are a Tom & Jerry fan you can also hang up a frame of them on the wall.


If you are a DIY Lover you can mix and combine all sorts of artwork. For example, you can picture paintings along with framed photos, DIY pieces, and posters. Add a modern wall art gallery with a casual look and a mix of colors, textures, styles, and designs. Or you can get help from Wellmade, the best interior design company in Dubai for the best interior design & fit-outs ideas.

Throw Colorful Pillows

How should you choose the right size throw pillow and what shape and size pillow works with the eclectic bedroom space? AHH, setting and styling decorative pillows seem so complicated, but, there’s a secret to making your bedroom throw pillows look great. Actually, there are three secrets, and we’ve included them in the three-throw pillow styling tips we are going to give you below.

  • Pillow Size is Essential: When choosing throw pillows, size is a big consideration. If you pick a pillow that is too big in size then remember it will eat your sofa or bed. When selecting pillows, it’s important to remember, the pillows are inflections of the piece, not the piece itself.
  • Determine the number of Pillows: Let’s be honest, we always add 2 to 3 pillows in our bedroom. But at this time why not add a group of 5 to 7 pillows so it can make your bedroom outstanding look electric? But make sure to do the proper setting of pillows. Do not add all pillows together on a bed or on a couch. Shuffle all the pillows and place three on a bed or two on a sofa or if you have extras place them on the floor near the bed.


  • Mix Pillow Patterns and Textures: It is alright to mix patterns when you pick out throw pillows. Go ahead and go crazy like a baby! You can also put a dot ikat throw pillow against a damask design in your bedroom. But, also remember to mix up your throw pillow textures and get suggestions from the best interior design company. 


Add Beautiful Lights On The Ceiling

Let’s be honest ceiling lights always complement the bedroom! Turn your mundane bedroom into an eclectic delight with some striking ceiling lights.

You can also add that they are the best bedroom ceiling lights. They add a little interest and drama to the space of your bedroom. This option does a good job of keeping that drama to a minimum with an easy and graceful design that provides you with ample light for a whole room. 

Bring Nature To Your Bedroom

Isn’t it therapeutic when you see nature in your bedroom after spending a long tiring day outside? Yes, we know! If you add plants to your bedroom you will feel happy, and therapeutic and feel the positive vibes around you. 

You can also add terrariums to your bedroom to give it an eclectic look. Make terrariums by yourself and add them on the side door or near the washroom door or you can also add them to the window so that they can get the sunlight is wanted. Make sure to take care of your plants so that they can freshen your mood every day. 

Consider Wellmade To Design and Build Your Bedroom!

In conclusion, there are no hard-and-fast guidelines for selecting the ideal eclectic bedroom decor concept. So, go on and start testing the bedroom’s furniture, overall color theme, wall paint, decor, and more with the help of Wellmade. However, please make sure that everything seamlessly complements and that nothing looks overdone or overwhelming. Get in communication with interior designers at Wellmade for office interiors, bedroom interiors, or overall home interiors in Dubai if you need some expert guidance for your transformation project. Good Luck!